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Joshua Tan

Chief Experience Officer 

Josh Tan is the Founder of Alchemist Consulting.  He works with business owners to create high performing business systems and executive teams.  The CXO Circle is Josh's new passion project combining the worlds of personal development, business development, and spiritual growth. 

Marc Cordon headshot copy.png


Co-host, Producer

A positive psychology coach, with multiple television appearances and TEDx stages. Author of Beyond Resilient: The Coach’s Guide to Ecstatic Growth. He owns two companies; the Joy Revolution and Expertise Reimagined, and his podcast the Golden Mic Podcast.

Eli headshot copy.jpg


Producer, Lead Editor

Deeply immersed in both spiritual and worldly knowledge, Eli is an adamant explorer of the inner and outer realms, spreading the love, humor, and learnings, along the way.


Jessica Magnatta

Concierge Director

Take 20 years of hospitality experience, add a master degree in business, top off with passion for the details, and a big slice of love for dogs and you have the formula to conjure up your own Jessica Magnatta. Jessica’s warmth helps grow the circle and her light helps to keep the circle a bright spot for the team and the guests.

GT Tanzzz headshot copy.jpg


Creative Director, Producer

Multidisciplinary artist and designer, energy worker, and entrepreneur. Freelance creative with side skills in copywriting and editing.

past contributors

Davidson Hang headshot copy.png


Co-host, season 1

Senior Transformation Consultant at CoachHub. Certified in EQ-I and author of Redefining Masculinity, The Great Pause, and The Great Pause Journaling Guide. He regularly speaks to High Schools, Universities, and Colleges and volunteers at the Orphans Future Alliance, Streetwise Partners, IMentor, Pencil, and BuildOn.  

DG Headshot copy small.png

Devan GARY

Project Manager, season 1

A senior scientist working in the molecular diagnostics sector. Devan enjoys DJing, golf, hockey, cars, skateboarding, and consciousness exploration when not in the lab.

Maria Tan Headshot 2 Square.png


Project Manager, season 1

Founder and director of House of Thriving and Thriving Teacher Project. She designs and facilitates workshops, courses, and experiences focused on mindfulness, emotional learning, and collective healing.

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